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This is the fourth year I have engaged Darrell to design a captivating flyer for a (rather boring) product line. The challenge as always, is to create an engaging and captivating sales pitch advertisement through a series of exaggerated cartoon drawings. A few days of thought, and a brainstorming session later, Darrell had some ideas:

He would create mascots to describe the various products: Or he could write a cartoon comic strip walking prospects through a process. Both options were interesting and engaging. Naturally I couldn’t decide which would be more effective, so I settled for both.

Darrell obligingly stood up to the challenge and created two pages: Fun looking mascots introducing products on the one side, and the other filled with a comic strip walking through the mindset of a prospect when making a purchase decision.

A further discussion was had over the general details of the images and an outline flow-chart for the comic. Darrell went about doing his magic with pencil and various paints in creating another wonderful piece of art.

Not only was he able to understand my customers’ psyche, Darrell succeeded in devising innovative ideas to use his gifted talents to engage them in a storyline. His creation is a series of fun illustrations portrayed through art which convey a clear and concise message to all ages. I feel indebted to Darrell for his commitment and navigating a tricky task. But most importantly I can highly recommend his analytical thought process which assists to merge abstract concepts from fantasy into real life illustrations.

Darrell is patient in the process and both fun and a pleasure to work with.I look forward to engaging Darrel on my next exciting project! Tomer Levy Sukkahmart Australia