My mascot design process: Funk style

PrintIn this post I will  show you an overview of my mascot design process. My case study will be the Funk Style mascot.

Sketch time

Everything starts with a good sketch. I drew about four different poses until I came up with this one. I was going for a specific attitude. The body language on this sketch definitely says confident. I then drew different heads. I did this so that I could really get that ‘in your face’ attitude with every feature. When both were working, I put them together. I then created shadow areas with the pencil. I did this so that all the light and shadow decisions were made early on so that I didn’t have to think about them later.

I then went through a whole list of color choices. I tried all different options. This is an especially good process, because I sometimes try something outrageous and it works! Here I went with basically one color and some neutral colors. Simple is usually better when it comes to color choices.

Modelling and painting. 

modellingNow the fun begins. I first painted the picture in black and white. I then applied my color choices to that painting. This is done digitally with a graphics tablet. To keep this post short I am not going to go into the technical details.

Add some graphic design.

Header for the siteHere is the final design. I chose fonts that enhanced the design. The word ‘Style’ neatly fit around the neck of the guitar. This was partly a wonderful accident. I was not expecting it to fit so well. I love how the ‘t’ and ‘l’ frame the tuning head of the guitar. For the word ‘Funk’, I was going for a grungy font. There was so much going on it the mascot itself I felt a quiet abstract background was appropriate.

I hope you enjoyed my mascot design process. Let me know what you think in the comments.

If you need mascot design or illustration, I would love to here from you at All questions are welcome. I always get back to my emails within 24 hours, if not sooner.


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