What is the difference between vector art and raster art?

What is the difference between vector art and raster art? This is a question that I am asked often. Understanding the difference is really important, and you will understand why once you have completed this article.


Raster images

Raster images are images made up of many tiny points. When you look at the image you are not really seeing a unified image. You are really looking at the sum total of many thousands or even millions of points. This is similar to the images you see on a computer screen. The image is made up of millions of tiny pixels. These images can b created on programs like Photoshop or the Gimp. Alternately they can be created on paper and scanned.

The advantages of raster images

Raster images are really versatile. They can look like photographs or even oil paintings. They can have a really human touch, or look really slick. I personally am a mascot designer and illustrator. I generally prefer to work in raster images because even if I am working digitally, I can still create my work the same way I would if I were working traditionally. Simply put, this means I can paint like a painter.

The disadvantages of raster images

The biggest disadvantage of raster images is, the smaller the image is, the lower the quality of the print. This is not relevant to images that are displayed on a screen. Images that are printed though, need to have a file size that is relevant to the physical size of the print. A billboard sized image would need to have a gigantic file size. This would make it cumbersome to work with and edit on a slow computer.

rat race

Vector images

Vector images are images that are based on a mathematical formula. As a result, they can be scaled to any size without losing quality. These images are created in programs like Adobe illustrator or Corel draw.

Advantages of vector art

Vector art has a tendency to look super slick. This makes it good for logo design and branding. The images never lose their quality no matter how large you print them. The file sizes tend to be small.

Disadvantages of vector art 

The art sometimes looks really cold. It can be too perfect at times.


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Tree mascot design.

tree Here is a drawing I did for a small startup company that was trying to market a solution for global warming. Sadly the company was not a success. None the less I felt this is a great illustration, so I wanted to share it rather than leave it in my cupboard. I might make a painting of it at some point if I ever have a free moment.


Let me know if you like it in the comments. Also let me know if you would like to see it as a finished painting.


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My mascot design process: Funk style

PrintIn this post I will  show you an overview of my mascot design process. My case study will be the Funk Style mascot.

Sketch time

Everything starts with a good sketch. I drew about four different poses until I came up with this one. I was going for a specific attitude. The body language on this sketch definitely says confident. I then drew different heads. I did this so that I could really get that ‘in your face’ attitude with every feature. When both were working, I put them together. I then created shadow areas with the pencil. I did this so that all the light and shadow decisions were made early on so that I didn’t have to think about them later.

I then went through a whole list of color choices. I tried all different options. This is an especially good process, because I sometimes try something outrageous and it works! Here I went with basically one color and some neutral colors. Simple is usually better when it comes to color choices.

Modelling and painting. 

modellingNow the fun begins. I first painted the picture in black and white. I then applied my color choices to that painting. This is done digitally with a graphics tablet. To keep this post short I am not going to go into the technical details.

Add some graphic design.

Header for the smallbusinessmascots.com siteHere is the final design. I chose fonts that enhanced the design. The word ‘Style’ neatly fit around the neck of the guitar. This was partly a wonderful accident. I was not expecting it to fit so well. I love how the ‘t’ and ‘l’ frame the tuning head of the guitar. For the word ‘Funk’, I was going for a grungy font. There was so much going on it the mascot itself I felt a quiet abstract background was appropriate.

I hope you enjoyed my mascot design process. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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