Why I don’t design mascots for $60

I was recently asked to quote a price for an integrated logo/mascot design. After I sent him my quote, he said I was way out of his budget and he was going with a designer he found on fiverr.com. The entire job would be done for $60. Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?
The answer is, yes it is too good to be true. Lets examine where the $60 goes.
When you spend $60 on a logo and mascot, there are things that you have to consider. The average graphic design rates are between $40 and $60 and hour. That means the designer has at best an hour and a half to create the whole package from initial sketches to final artwork! Even if he takes $20 an hour he only has three hours. Great work takes WAY more than three hours. That means he has to cut a LOT of corners.
Here are a few common problems with cheap logo/mascot design.
1. The design is generic. The designer doesn’t have time to make something unique to your business. He only has one way of working and no time to invent. That means your logo will pretty much look like everyone else’s logo. That defeats the whole point of having a logo in the first place.
2. Little attention has been placed on the design of the text. The designer merely chose a font. This means the logo expresses very little or nothing about the company. Again that defeats the whole point of having a logo.
3. There is no integration between the characters and the text. That means it has no professional finish. If your logo doesn’t look professional,  what does that express about your business?
The reason why I charge higher rates is I need more time to get the design to tell a story. That story should express something about your business. Remember, your branding is the first thing people see. First impressions make a lasting impact. To create a highly polished professional image takes time and skill. 
Here is an example of a mascot and logo that I designed. Note how I have integrated the characters into the logo. They occupy their own space but are still part of the overall design. The colours are consistent. That ties the whole thing together. I spent a lot of time designing the text. It looks professional yet still playful. The text definitely looks branded and could appear on all of the companies branding.
Here is a second example of a integrated logo/mascot I designed. Here my intention was that the character would have so much attitude it would jump off the page. That is how the mascot helps to tell the story of the brand.
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