A powerful company mascot needs a strong silhouette

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In this post I want to discuss something essential to good mascot design. It is extremely important that a company mascot is instantly recognizable. It should make an immediate impact on the viewer.

Look at the mascot design above. Notice how it doesn’t take that much imagination to know what the character looks like without details.

One way to achieve impact is to make sure that your company mascot has a good silhouette. This simply means that if the mascot had no details at all, the viewer would still know exactly what it is. The silhouette should be so good, that the entire mood and personality should be apparent without any detail. If the mascot designer did a good job creating a great silhouette, the visual impact will be there the first second the viewer sees it. After that, the viewer will then scan the image for details. This means the details enhance the impact created by the silhouette.
Think of silhouette as the foundations for a strong building. If the foundations are not strong, the building will be shaky.

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